I am Chief Technologist at the Center for Social Media Responsibility (UMSI), where I work to ensure our online information ecosystem has a positive impact on society. This involves identifying, measuring, and mitigating indirect harms of social media and related technologies that affect public discourse (such as video and search).

I care about creating systems that facilitate understanding and problem solving—which also means calling out and mitigating the negative impacts of technologies that derail either.

My previous work has involved fact checking, media ecosystems, online communities, design tools, openness, law, productivity, education, and data visualization.

At MIT I earned a bachelor's degree in computer science and explored origami transformer algorithms for my masters thesis. I have done work or research for organizations including Amazon, the MIT Media Lab, MIT CSAIL, Morgan Stanley, Quora, Yerdle, the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, and Google. I am also a proud coauthor of the broccoli emoji.

Stay in touch on twitter @metaviv and via my mailing list Tech & Power.