I help keep (your?) technology's impact positive.

I work with funders, initiatives, and companies to help them improve our information ecosystem.

I particularly enjoy helping design and scope projects to ensure that they are as impactful as possible.

This can involve advising projects and funders where I can apply my expertise relating to: misinformation, synthetic media (~deepfakes), content moderation, recommendation engines, distributed sensemaking, contextualization, platform design, governance, media literacy, and ethical tech.

I often act as a guide through these messy and intertwined domains.

I also fluently speak the language of product designers and software engineers (my previous careers). This means that I can evaluate a software project plan not only via my subject-matter expertise, but also in terms of technical feasibility and design difficulty.

My consulting projects are fairly diverse, for example:

  • Writing a report for the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to explore perspectives on the impacts of synthetic media (~deepfake) research, and research practices.
  • Advising the Credibility Coalition's efforts to help map projects in the space.
  • Prototyping a misinformation triage engine to help Snopes scale up its fact-checking efforts.
  • Scoping out the potential impact of an academic center focused on the impact of online platforms on discourse (which became the Center for Social Media Responsibility at UMSI where I later served as founding Chief Technologist).

Reach out to learn more.